Caroline “Blind” is a non-native born American, hailing mostly from New Jersey, who currently resides in San Francisco. She is most known for singing for the Goth-Rock band Sunshine Blind from 1991 to their disbanding in 2004. Known for her powerful voice and admonishing lyrics, she released 3 music CD’s (and a best-of CD) with Sunshine Blind, and toured frequently with the band throughout the United States from1993-1998. Sunshine Blind also toured in the U.K, and did some shows in Europe.
She currently sings for bay area heavy rockers Dammit!, having joined the band in 2013.

General philosophy:
“In making my choices, I struggle to integrate my main interests, most notably Music, Psychology, Business, and “the art of creation itself”. I think of “Creation” in the literal sense, too ….like creation of  life, or understanding, or of order out of chaos. In more general senses: I can create controversy, harmony, chaos or light, as we all can, whenever we express ourselves, but the main thing is to express yourself. I am driven to create, to make “things” or to “make things happen”. I look to create, or set the wheels in motion, in as many ways, or realities, as I get obsessed with, and with any tools and time as I may be afforded…for time is short and life is an art, and while there is life, there is hope.”

2 thoughts on “Welcome…

  1. Hey Caroline – don’t know if you remember me; another guy back in the day, singer of that silly band Rosary, went to William Paterson, etc. All of a sudden thought of you guys and wondered what happened to Charlie? Also there was this other guy way back in the day that I have some vague memory of – think he was german, tall, blondish, thought he went to Willy P as well?

    Anyway, hope all’s good.

    • Hi Garry, great to hear from you! Charlie is here in San Francisco! What are you up to? Send me a pm through this website…!

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